Nora Orton

Executive Director

Nora began her storytelling journey at Brown University, where she performed with the school's storytelling troupe. After graduating in 2014, Nora moved to Charlotte and co-founded Charlotte Storytellers. Nora consults with businesses and individuals to help them hone their storytelling skills. Nora believes that stories help us create empathy, which is a salve for loneliness, misunderstanding, and fear.

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Heather Bartlett

Outreach Director

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Ramya Mahalingam

Creative Director

By day, Ramya is a user experience designer. By every other second, Ramya is a storyteller. Ramya works at the intersection of design and storytelling, and is very interested in the process of using these methods to solve problems. She believes that the human experience is thriving, chaotic, messy, and weird: designing for it will never be perfect, but will always be fun.

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