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The Charlotte Storytellers podcast brings you tales from the New South.


We hope to explore Charlotte's burgeoning identity. Slated to grow 50% in the next 20 years, chock-full of domestic ex-pats, caught between small town and booming metropolis, how does a city like Charlotte craft a collective voice? Can Charlotte create the physical and emotional infrastructure for all these newcomers, while honoring the space that current residents hold? 


While not explicitly a podcast about Charlotte, each episode features a conversation and story from one CLT resident. We curate from Charlotte Storytellers' meetings, open mics and showcases.


Opinions in this podcast do not necessarily represent those of Charlotte Storytellers, LLC.

Live Podcast Recording

On December 13th, 2016, we recorded a podcast live in front of an audience at the Hodges Taylor Art Consultancy space. There was a photography exhibit on display, and we opened up the floor to the audience to reflect on the connections they saw between the conversation and the photographs. The podcast and photographs are below; the black and white images are by Carolyn DeMeritt and the colored images are by Margaret Strickland.

Chelsea / Clay Mask
Maggie in the Grass
Chelsea / Star Mask
Maggie and the Scuppernong Vine
Caitlin / Pool
Libby in the Pool
Caitlin with Bubble
Maggie on the Back Porch
Kathy / Veil
Eliza with Snake
Maggie, Libby and Natalie
Marie Behind Fence
Molly Behind Window
Natalie at Dusk
Caitlin with Halo
Marie Wearing Her Brother’s Suit
Kathy / Apple Tree